How UniFida improves marketing attribution with it’s AI powered CDP

For all B2C and D2C companies marketing is a very substantial cost. No need to say that Marketing needs to know how it can best spend its budget on lead generation and customer retention across the customer journey and across all direct channels. UniFida’s marketing attribution is based on understanding customer journeys. Journey steps can include offline events like receiving a catalogue as well as online like opening an email. Customers use multiple channels on their route to making a purchase, and although some journeys are quick, many take place over weeks. Unifida’s Marketing attribution model estimates the impact of each touchpoint to influence an individuals’ decision to make a purchase, and aggregates this data to evaluate campaign and channel performance.

Unifida’s Customer Journey Attribution Model is now using AI developed by Haensel AMS to allocate weightings and roles to the steps in every customer journey. More than 7 years have gone into developing and optimizing the model.

UniFida’s customer journey based marketing attribution

  • Provides very granular attribution right down to micro-campaign, ad, or test level
  • Results can be aggregated up to any reporting level, e.g. channels
  • Giving a precise impact and financial value to each marketing activity

How does UniFida deliver your attribution results?

  • The first stage is to link all the online and offline journey steps together inside the UniFida customer data platform.
  • Next UniFida uses the Haensel AI to give values to each step in every journey
  • Finally UniFida aggregates all these steps together to represent the value of a channel, or down to the value of a campaign.

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