Salesforce CDP

Salesforce has introduced it’s version of a CDP when the interest of marketers and their investments in CDP projects grew since the term CDP was coined in 2013.  Salesforce CDP was formerly known as Customer 360 Audiences. It is a solution that acts as an index to customer data stored in various data sources. The data in the various Salesforce modules such as Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud and Sales Cloud, can be connected through APIs. Data from other sources can be loaded as files.

One of the typical characteristics of a CDP is that it can easily connect data sources (and downstream solutions) from other brands, and ingest, standardize and unify customer data in real-time. Salesforce CDP does this only for its own data sources, making it a different customer data management solution from the, as the CDP Institute calls it, True CDPs.


More information

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Selecting the right CDP for your business takes 5 steps. Contact us to (1) learn about the 5 steps of our Adapt Clear VALUE Method and (2) to learn from the companies we supported in selecting the right CDP


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