Not every company has the experience or resources to make the transition

From experience, we know that our clients value that we not only deliver pragmatic plans and platforms to support their goals, but also hands-on experience to execute our plans. That is also where our value lies: not in story telling, but in creating and executing practical plans.

And: when we are ready, we are ready. We invoice the time we have used and the value we have delivered; we do not invoice in weeks or months, but in hours. Nor do we invoice in advance based on estimates, but afterwards based on facts.

Four ways to realize your plans

We offer our experience in these four roles:

  • Project management (e.g. for CDP platform selection)
  • Programme management (e.g. for digital transformation)
  • Interim management of your department
  • Interim expertise (e.g. CDP succes management, data analysis, dashboarding)

Workshops, webinars: anything to share our knowledge with you.

Deciding on investing in e.g. a data management solution can be a big step; in the ways of working and in budget. That is why we offer sparring sessions or pre-purchase workshops to share our experience with you. So that you can make an informed decision.

Next to this, as a public speaker we also like to share our ideas and experiences. Both on stages or in online webinars. Anything to share our thoughts and experience in truly integrating your customers into the key processes and dashboards of your company.

A Pre-Purchase workshop?

Get better informed and learn from our experience. Contact us for options to plan a CDP sparring session with you, a pre-purchase workshop or another form to share our experiences with you.

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