Big insights through smart analytics, machine learning and AI

Adapt Clear Value is a pioneer in combining traditional customer data with big data: web data, social data and more. Edited in the cloud, with the latest tools and by real data scientists. We translate big data into useful customer insights and metrics that we can then integrate into the decision-making process of Marketing, Sales, product management and format management: better choices with less risk.

Data scientists deliver big insights and better customer metrics

Data scientists are analysts who extract valuable insights from large amounts of data: both structured data and unstructured data (clickstream data, social media data, call center data and more sources). The trick is not to store the big data: the cloud is willing and the costs are manageable. The art lies in finding valuable information.

Due to the enormous amount of data, analyzes take too long or cause other issues. You run up against the limits of traditional software and hardware. In addition, it is difficult to keep an overview when analyzing it: that is the real problem for many companies. A data scientist has knowledge of the business, of statistics, has programming experience and is not misled by data that does not matter.

Adapt Clear Value offers data science support: both remote and on location.

An Analytics tool or an Analytics Expert?

Reliable, unified customer data are the foundation, but: how to make insigjts from them to successfully drive your business? That depends. Contact us, tell us what you are looking for and let us share our experience with you.

Adapt Clear Value team