New solutions in data management, analyses, dashboarding and campaigning

New Solutions are solutions that will help you realize your ambitions and goals using customer data. Adapt Clear Value has the expertise and experience to either create these solutions for you (analyses, reports, dashboards, loyalty concepts) or select a MarTech solution that matches best with your plans and maturity in this field.

Adapt Clear Value supports you in selecting, deploying and monetizing on MarTech solutions such as:

  • Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions
  • Marketing Automation (MA) solutions

And with experience in developing customer loyalty concepts for various leading retailers and brands we can also support you in developing a connection to missing customer data that is valuable to both your customers and your team.

Our big advantage, according to our clients, is that we are both software and vendor agnostic. Independent.

We constantly watch market trends and new developments in customer data management, customer experience improvement, customer value optimization and digital transition.

We are critical in this respect: we not only watch and listen to what the vendors of new concepts and solutions say; we also look and listen to the demonstrable experience of the vendors and what their customers think of the solution. In other words, we do not just look at the marketing story; we also assess their track record.

We have no partnerships with software vendors. This means that we can freely choose the solution, vendor or partner that best matches your needs and requirements. And it means there will be no hidden costs in the fees for a software solution or kickback fees that partners charge from software partners. We deliberately do not participate in this: our independence is worth more to us.

What solution will help you?

What do you need to make better use of your customer data? A 360 degree customer view? Better insights? Personalized marketing campaign solutions?

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