Successful digital transitions start with a clear customer strategy

We know from experience, that the first reflex is to select a software tool to support further growth. Although a softwaretool may be necessary, digital transformation does not start there. It starts with 3 things:

  1. Creating a sound understanding of your market
  2. Clearly defined business ambitions, goals and overall strategy
  3. A clear definition of your customer strategy.

We support our clients in getting these three building blocks clear and internally accepted first before talking about transformation.

Use cases will help you find the potential of using customer data

Next to this, we help to assess how customer data can support you in achieving your ambitions, goals and strategic pillars. Not once, but as an operational process. We start by defining use cases. What can you achieve better, or with less effort, when using reliable customer data? What can you achieve when you can unify data? When you can connect online data with store data or hotel data or resort data? Can data based metrics help you improve lead conversion? Can they help increase customer retention? Can they help improve customer experience? Customer engagement? Guest reviews? Improve return on Marketing Spend? Can customer data be translated into metrics and KPIs to more effectively improve sales and bottom-line?

We integrate customer insights in the entire business process

We are very experienced in improving business (sales, bottom-line) and customer engagement using customer data. Actually: by adding customer insights in all the steps of the business processes: Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Care and more. We basically integrate your customer into your company. And: yes, you may perhaps need a software tool, customer-centered processes based on an operational customer journey. You may need some training and some new skills. But selecting or selling tools is not our goal. Our goal is to let you improve both customer experience and business results by make better marketing and sales decisions based on reliable customer data throughout the process.

So what are useful solutions?

How do you define you customer data strategy?

There are many useful MarTech solutions to unify and better use your customer data. But Step One is to define a clear customer strategy, that supports your overall goals. Involving use cases that your team will adopt. That is where we can help.

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