This Dutch company is a market leader in a niche market. Its challenge: how to standardize our marketing and sales process across all sales regions and to standardize metrics and management information using unified data of customers, leads and partners in an effective but user friendly manner?

What was the situation

This Dutch company is a market leader in a niche market. It has a number of specialized production companies and a number of sales offices worldwide. Sales mainly go through intermediaries to end customers, although more and more end customers tends to buy directly. The company is growing continuously and to support that growth it wants to standardize its marketing and sales process internally and support the sales organization with easy-to-use tools and a centralized data on customers and intermediaries. The data platform will have to manage all contacts with end customers and partners 24/7 for its employees, wherever they are: at the customer or prospect, at the office or on the road. Also it has to be a platform that sales managers enjoy working with because of its user friendliness: doing the administration is not the biggest hobby of sales people.

What have we done

Together with the board, senior management and other stakeholders worldwide we helped to standardize the marketing and sales process. Also we helped to select the desired customer data platform. We first thoroughly immersed ourselves in the company. We have listened carefully to the stakeholders in the company; from the board and the leaders of the production companies to the directors of the sales offices and the sales people, Marketing and IT. We have let the ambitions, goals and strategy of the company sink in and we have made a scan of the market of both the client and the market of data driven sales force management. We determined how the sales management process now worked, who had which role and how and where data from customers and leads were recorded and what the areas for improvement were. We then described the recommended sales process and supported the organization in the selection of the data platform that was most suitable for capturing, processing and managing the data from all offices of the organization and at the same time allowing the sales organization to record its contacts in an accessible way and use. The management and senior management of the organization were included in every step of the process.

What is the result

  • A clear and internally aligned vision on the benefits of standardizing the global sales process
  • A clear and internally accepted vision on how unifying partner data and lead and customer data will improve business growth
  • An implementable description of the desired standard sales management process
  • The definition, based on the input from the team, of the requirements for the sales management data platform
  • The selection of the best matching B2B2C customer data platform from a wide range of possible platforms that matched the use cases, requirements and wishes and budget
  • Delivery of a Deployment Plan that is complete, clear, executable and affordable
  • Support in starting the implementation of the standardization of the sales process and the implementation of the customer data platform


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