What was the situation

This Dutch electronics retailer is growing fast: both in like-for-like sales in stores and online and through acquisitions in Europe. Customers value its broad assortment, its profound knowledge of the products it offers and its customer service. Converting leads into new customers is a priority, but improving customer spend and retention are equally important. The management appreciates that the one size fits all style of marketing needs to shift towards personalized marketing. Two challenges: the data quality needs improvement to make better reports, marketing triggers and personalized campaigns. And: the existing marketing automation tool needs to be connected to the customer data platform to start omnichannel personalized marketing in an effective way.

What have we done

We did our homework. We gathered and read available documentation and held intake interviews with board members, senior management and operational staff to get a profound understanding of the company. Of its history, its ambitions, goals and strategy. We made a scan of its market and, the current state of customer driven marketing and translated all insights into a clear and accepted CRM vision. Together with the client we defined both the customer journey and buyer journey and defined customer flows to drive business using customer data. We assessed which data sources were available or missing to support these use cases. We set up a compact CRM Plan that included solutions in improving lead conversion, customer retention and customer value. Putting the customer first in the marketing and sales processes was important, next to connecting all customer data sources to the existing platform and improving the data quality management process. We defined CRM programmes or flows to drive business via personalized marketing and we helped to define the CRM-skills and organization which was needed to make customer-centric selling work.

What is the result

  • A clear and internally accepted CRM vision
  • A clear and internally accepted CRM Plan, containing advised improvements in the data management process and use cases to drive customer retention and customer spend.


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