What was the situation

The management of this organization, one of the largest specialized trainers in the Netherlands, sought help in digitally transforming its processes, in order to better connect its offer, its communication and its network of course participants and trainers on the basis of reliable data. without this leading to an enormous growth in required employees. The internal process had to be improved and the fragmented data had to be brought together in one environment. Communication with stakeholders had to be automated and personalised, as did the administration system to be connected to this ecosystem.

What have we done

Based on available documentation and additional conversations, and on the basis of a scan of the market of both the client and the market of customer driven marketing, we screened the vision on data management and data recovery and shared observations. Based on the requirements and wishes for the desired marketing ecosystem, we selected a platform and implementation partner from a wide range of solutions that could fulfill all wishes; including the delivery and linking of a new website. Compared to existing tools and previously recommended solutions, this was an ecosystem that could improve internal processes as well as unify the data and help marketing communication via email, website and other channels at significantly lower costs than the most obvious or reputable solutions could offer. The management and senior management of the organization were included in every step of the process. The actual implementation was carried out by the platform partner together with an operational project manager of the organization.

What is the result

  • A sharpened and supported vision on the recording and utilization of customer and partner data
  • A screening of a previously released proposal for process, platform and skills improvement
  • The selection of the most suitable B2B2C marketing ecosystem from a wide range of CRM, CDP and Marketing Automation solutions that matched the use cases, requirements and wishes and available budget
  • Support with contract negotiations


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