This rapidly expanding European hotel chain owes its success to a perfect format for both leisure guests and business travelers: excellent hotel rooms and unparallelled service have resulted in high occupancy rates and very high review scores. In order to further improve guest experience while expanding its chain across Europe, this hospitality chain decided to select a customer data platform. The goal for the CDP is to cleanse, standardize and unify all guest data, add intelligence to it and allow the compact marketing team to define and execute personalized marketing campaigns across all channels.

What was the situation

Improving lead conversion and guest retantion while remaining a high customer experience is of great importance for this rapidly growing European hospitality chain. An important requirements was to unify guest data from various sources and of varying data quality. A complete, or “360 degree”, customer view was required to personalize guest marketing across channels. Marketing intelligence and marketing execution support needed to be part of the platform, to allow the young digital marketing team to make step changes in this new field. This led to the search for a smart marketing hub or delivery CDP.

What have we done

We supported the organization in the selection of the best matching customer data platform (CDP). Based on the available documents, we reviewed the vision on managing customer data and helped define relevant use cases based on both the customer journey (B2C) and buyer journey (B2B) we mapped. We defined the requirements for the CDP, which formed the basis for the selection of the right platform. In selecting the most suitable platform, we created a list of CDPs based on the requirements and our knowledge of the CDP market. The shortlist was invited to submit a proposal, which led to the selection of the platform that fully met the requirements of the organization and proved the best business case. Contracting and deployment of the CDP were carried out by the hospitality chain itself.

What is the result

  • An internally aligned Vision on the value of integration customer data into the operational processes
  • Defined customer and buyer journeys
  • Defined requirements and an RFP document for a shortlist of CDP vendors
  • Selection of most preferred CDP solutions
  • Defined business cases

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