This food retailer understood that capturing customer data from both the website and its stores was key in creating new insights to improve marketing across all channels. And that unifying customer data would allow it to improve more than digital marketing.

What was the situation

The management of this top 5 retailer in the Netherlands realized that it had to make the transition to managing based on customer data in order to better respond to the differences in customers. The challenge was how to do this step by step, how to approach this in a concrete way without making it too big and how the organization was involved in this process.

What have we done

We have included the management and the organization in this transition in five steps. We did our homework first and immersed ourselves in the company. Then we listened carefully to the retailer’s ambitions, goals and strategic pillars, and we had a scan of both the client’s market and the customer-driven sales and marketing market. We determined what the retailer was already doing and was able to do in the field of fact-based decisioning, how this was organized and which tools were used for this. After that we indicated how the transition could be prepared and implemented: which use cases were relevant, which available solutions in the market matched this, which skills and organization would be required and how this could be implemented step by step. And what the business case, project governance and risk management looked like. The management and senior management of the organization have been included in every step of the process. After an agreement on the deployment plan, the actual implementation could begin.

What is the result

  • A clear and supported vision on the integration of customer knowledge in the organization
  • A project that has the priority of the management
  • A selected customer data platform from a wide range of possible CDP platforms that matched use cases, requirements and wishes and budget
  • A deployment plan that is complete, clear, executable and affordable


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