This leading baby fashion retailer wanted to find an effective way to improve business across all stores and online channels. A customer data platform was needed to unify data and personalize marketing across all touch points.

What was the situation

This omnichannel retailer is the market leader in its segment. It is part of an international retail organization. Its target audience is female, young, tech savvy and used to looking and buying online. Stores are crucial, but online marketing and ecommerce have become increasingly important. Customer knowledge, based on unified data throughout the customer journey, has become indispensable. The data was stored in multiple databases or was partly missing. A customer data platform was considered to unify customer data, cleanse it and use it to personalize communication across the customer journey: omnichannel marketing to build business and customer engagement. The company’s maturity in this field was low, so a solution was needed to ingest data automatically and translate the 360-degree customer view into useful insights, triggers and recommendations. In order to capture store data, support was given in developing and introducing a fitting loyalty concept.

What have we done

In five steps we have supported this retailer in selecting the most preferred customer data platform. First we did our homework and immersed ourselves in the company. We defined the strategic pillars for this retailer based on their ambitions and goals. We made a scan of their market and of th emost relevant external trends. Then we defined the customer journey together with a team of our client as the basis for customer-centric marketing. The next phase was to determine what knowledge, experience, data and tools the company had at its disposal and indicated what needed to be adjusted in order to realize its ambitions. Based on use cases, we determined the requirements and wishes for a central customer data platform or CDP, in which real-time decisioning and orchestration of marketing could also be organized. After selecting the most suitable CDP, we drew up the Deployment Plan, which describes, among other things, the implementation phases, the business case, the success criteria, project risks and project governance. After approval of the Deployment Plan, contracting and implementation started.

What is the result

  • An internally aligned vision on how unified customer data can improve sales, bottom-line and customer engagement
  • A customer journey that can be implemented, managed and improved
  • Clear use cases underpinning the value of unified data in a customer data platform
  • Clear requirements for a CDP that supports the company’s ambition and goals
  • A CDP long list and short list based on requirements and Clear Value’s expertise and experience
  • The selection of the CDP that was most preferred by all stakeholders
  • A clear Deployment Plan including business case, project governance, risk management and timeline to guarantee first-time-right deployment


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