Adapt adds leading customer strategy and CDP specialist Clear Value to its services

As of January 1, 2022, Clear Value has become part of Adapt Group and continues as the independent label Adapt Clear Value. This makes Adapt Clear Value the fourth Adapt organization in addition to the Analytics, Innovation and Up labels.

Frans Melenhorst, Director of Clear Value: “After having worked successfully and pleasantly with Adapt Analytics on a number of projects in 2021, I am extremely happy that we are now part of the Adapt group. For Clear Value I see enormous potential and demand for our services and solutions and this new collaboration ensures that we can make even better use of this market potential. In addition to the synergy benefits and the enormous strengthening effect of the various Adapt labels, I see many similarities in the field of corporate culture, the way of working and the focus on quality and customer focus.”

Clemens Huis in ’t Veld, Co-founder of Adapt: ​​“At Adapt we are very happy with this collaboration. Helping organizations excel on crucial themes such as data, strategy, marketing and scaling is what we do. Clear Value, as a specialist, fits exactly within this proposition with interesting connections in the field of data with Adapt Analytics and in the field of strategy and in customer-centered business development with Adapt Innovation. I expect that because of this step and the strong market position of our labels, we will be able to serve even more clients with important projects.”

Focus of Adapt Clear Value

The need of many companies for a reliable and unified customer view is great and is only increasing due to the growth of both competition and data. But also the need for a practical plan that ensures that data will be used in an intelligent and ethical way, without going overboard in costs and the necessary specialists. Adapt Clear Value will focus on expanding the support for companies with limited experience in this area and with fragmented storage of customer data, which notice that steering on reliable customer data has become a precondition for growth and continuity.

About Adapt Group

Adapt is a group of organizations that all use their own knowledge and expertise to help their clients and staff to excel and to constantly adapt. Together with the organizations Adapt Analytics, Adapt Innovation and Adapt Up, we form Adapt. We share the same values ​​and support each other. Together we form the organization of the future.

About Clear Value

Clear Value is The Customer Integration Company. It supports companies in building two skills: on the one hand creating reliable customer insights and metrics based on (big) data and on the other hand translating these in a flexible way into omnichannel marketing, into better customer processes and into growth in turnover, customer engagement and customer loyalty. Clear Value is the CDP expert in the Netherlands and the experienced European partner of the American CDP Institute. As an independent and experienced CDP specialist, we select the right software solution for each client based on a clear customer strategy, after which each client is supported in the implementation and utilization of the new solution. Clear Value deploys experienced program and project managers for this, in addition to experienced deployment specialists and data analysts.

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