We know what we can deliver and what not. And we will let you know. We will indicate who can help you better if we cannot do it ourselves. Integrity also means that we think and act customer-centered in everything. So we examine – in your interest – what is really valuable for your customers, and take that as the starting point for our change proposals.


The basic requirement for us is our ability to truly understand our clients and their customers. We need to be able to empathize with you, your market position, your ambitions, goals and issues. And with your customers and the market place that they live in, in order to determine how our work will have the most effect.


Our goal is to deliver clear value to our clients in everything we do. In doing so, we sometimes go further than the agreements we have made with each other, if we think that this will help you best. That’s how we’re put together.


We are always busy with our profession. This means that we also continuously monitor innovations: with our clients, in the market, in the world of new technologies, and in our specific field. And we continue to sharpen our insights, knowledge and solutions accordingly.


With everything we follow with curiosity, we automatically make the translation in our thinking: ‘Can we translate this in a practical and valuable way for our clients? We are selective in this: our goal is not to be creative or innovative at all costs, but above all to keep the propositions of our clients relevant and distinctive. So it must serve a purpose.

“Integrity is the basis in everything we do. We are honest about what we can do and cannot do. Our advice, solutions and transitions are based on deep knowledge, years of experience and sound understanding of our clients business; they are always in the best interest of our client and may sometimes differ from what our client had in mind.
The fact that we are software independent is also very important for our customers: it guarantees that we will choose and implement the software solution for them (be it a CDP or CRM system or any other solution) that suits them best. We deliberately are not a partner of CDP or CRM suppliers and we always refuse commissions or kickback fees from parties we work with.” –Frans Melenhorst, Managing Director of Adapt Clear Value