The Customer Integration Company

Adapt Clear Value is a Netherlands based company. We help our clients to build 2 skills: (1) understand your customers based on (big) data, and (2) use this new customer knowledge to improve, change and grow your unique brand and customer processes 24/7. We help you let your customer, as it were, get inside the capillaries of Marketing, Sales, Operations, Product Development and Management. We integrate new customer insights into your business strategy, processes, metrics and in the underlying systems. Customer data based insights allow you to pinpoint flaws in your proposition and find points for improvement in the customer journey. And to act on these facts before your customers considers to take their business elsewhere. Integrated customer insights help you to detect and adapt quickly and keep growing. We are specialists in this field: that is why we are The Customer Integration Company.

What we believe

Integrity and independence build best businesses

We believe that you grow as a company if you always think and prioritize from the customer’s perspective; not from a tool or technique. And that you retain the most customers if you meet and exceed their expectations at key moments. That you can only exceed customer expectations if you really understand your (desired) customers. And that customer data, both small and big data, are an indispensable basis for this.

What drives us

Our clients

Join us!

Adapt Clear Value is growing, so we are constantly looking for experienced customer strategists, customer marketeers and customer data analysts. Check our career opportunities or send us a message.

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